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Cynic's View 22/11

If you had bet £5 at the beginning of this year on Leicester winning the league, Brexit and a Trump victory, you would now have £15 million. My fiver was on Everton!

It’s fair to say that there must be a huge number of Americans who aren’t particularly happy with their lot if they were prepared to vote for Donald and overlook his racist, misogynistic rants. Should we be worried that he will soon be the most powerful man in the world? Well, we can do nothing about it so what’s the point?

However, those of us with investments and pensions may want to take some action. With all that’s gone on and with the far right licking their lips at the prospect of elections across much of Europe in 2017, it’s hardly surprising that significant volatility is predicted for the world’s stock markets. That’s before the impact of Brexit and Trump’s victory is known!

The main thing is not to panic. Cash is returning next to nothing and it’s hard to foresee any significant change there any time soon. Sure, investors will see volatility but if professional advice is taken and people are invested in well-diversified, well-managed portfolios then, given time, things will work out. After all, we are a million miles away from the dark days of the credit crunch when queues formed along Watergate Street outside Northern Rock; my first and only glimpse of a run on a Bank.

We are certainly living in interesting and uncertain times. It seems the only completely predictable outcome will be that my fiver on Everton winning the league this year will prove as pointless as ever.

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