A Cynic’s View: Onwards and Upwards

My job, in essence, is pretty straightforward.  As my late father once observed about me; ‘you don’t work, you just sit around chatting to people while drinking tea’.  I’d argue that he was over-simplifying matters but concede he had a point.

However, things are becoming more complicated.  I cannot, I’m told, continue to function in my role without using social media.  A few months ago, therefore, we engaged a lady to help us in this department.  She’s great; very bright and bubbly, not too expensive and appears to be fluent in Swahili, or is it my lack of knowledge around social media terminology?

I had originally thought of asking my kids for help but knew they would refuse to get involved on the basis that I’m a fossil and beyond help and they would, in any case, have charged more!

Anyway, I now appear to be tweeting with the best of them and have gained one follower.  Not great perhaps but you have to start somewhere.  I’ve not yet succumbed to Facebook but I am on Linkedin, although I don’t know why.

There are other social media outlets we’re considering using; Reddit, Flickr and Tumblr among others.  Now I agree that they sound like websites I wouldn’t want my wife to know I was visiting but they are, by all accounts, bone fide options to help promote my business.

So there you have it.  I’m being dragged kicking and screaming and somewhat bewildered into the 21st century.  I’m confident that our social media presence will grow exponentially and in the coming years not a person on the planet will be unaware of who we are and what we offer.

Anyway, must dash as there’s a client due in shortly, so I’m going to pop the kettle on and make sure there is plenty of ink in my quill!

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