Pensions for your business

An excellent way to retain staff in a tax efficient manner. Let us guide you through the many options and ensure your scheme offers value for money.

The provision of a company pension scheme has long been recognised as an attractive vehicle for rewarding and retaining staff, but successive changes to pension legislation have resulted in a complex web of rules which can only be navigated under expert guidance.

The consequences of not having an appropriate scheme in place can not only be expensive in terms of staff turnover but could also mean that you fall foul of the many legal requirements.

In addition, our experience has shown that many employers are paying too much for the advice they receive and are using outdated schemes with high charges to the detriment of the employer and staff alike. Furthermore, it may be that scheme trustees are involved where there is no longer a need to use them.

It is hardly surprising that both employers and their staff find it difficult to understand the whole area of pensions, especially when you consider the range of schemes that exist:

Protecting Your Business

Failure to protect your business against the loss of directors or key staff through death or serious illness could have disastrous consequences. Our advice could make the difference between your business surviving the loss or not.

It is essential that the following issues are addressed:

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