Understanding past & present schemes and your options

A job for life no longer seems to exist in Britain today. Consequently, many people acquire several pensions from previous employers. Arrow Financial Services are proud to be Chartered Pension Specialists, who hold the Occupational Licence that allows us to advise on Final Salary Pension Transfers.

Many companies offer pension schemes to their employees, some of these may be Defined Benefit (DB), commonly known as Final Salary, Schemes. These offer valuable guarantees and protection, so the decision to transfer out of a final salary should not be taken lightly. Getting Advice from a Chartered Pension Specialist is vitally important.
Exploring an occupational Pension transfer can have benefits such as:

  • Retiring earlier or later than your scheme’s Normal Retirement Date
  • Flexibility in the level of income you receive from you pension
  • The ability to pass your pension to your family on death

By sitting down with one of our pension specialists, we can see if a pension transfer would be right for you, or whether you would be better remaining with your current scheme.

Contact us now to arrange a free, no obligation initial meeting with one of our Independent Financial Advisers. It’s our excellent service and years of experience advising on personal & occupational schemes that sets us apart from the rest.

What do the
experts say?

"‘I really enjoy building lasting relationships with my clients, but also enjoy challenging their opinions or perceptions during an exploratory meeting. There’s a massive responsibility on advisers to educate their clients – when its needed or appropriate for them of course.’"

Richard Medlicott
Chartered Financial Planner

Occupational Pension Terminology

Some of the terminology used by Financial Advisers can be difficult to understand. At Arrow Financial Services we are known for
providing jargon-free advice and would be happy to explain the following common terms, which you may find confusing:

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