Personal Pensions

Personal Pensions put you in control. Whether set up by an individual or an employer, the client has the option to choose the level of contributions, the investments, and even how the funds are used after retirement.

Some of the most attractive features of Personal Pensions are tax relief on contributions, investment choices, the ability to choose your own retirement date and a tax-free lump sum at retirement.

Most people agree that relying solely on the State Pension will lead to hardship in old age. Imagine how you would feel being retired and not able to afford holidays, run a car or even maintain your home.

It may be that you have old pension policies that need reviewing. Often older policies carry higher charges whilst giving below average performance.

You may also have several smaller pension funds and may benefit by consolidating them into one policy. This will allow you to monitor performance far more easily, and could also mean that you benefit from a reduction in charges offered by some providers once a fund reaches a certain value.

Some of the different types of pensions are:

What do the
experts say?

"One of our major strengths is we can help clients make an informed choice as to what retirement options are best for them. Be it a guaranteed income for life from their employer, or a product which allows them to access their money flexibly in retirement. We work with our clients and their families to find a solution that works best for all."

Dave Jacobsen

What can we offer you?

It is essential that you take advice to ensure that your pension is on the right track to achieve the level of retirement income you require.

Arrow Financial Services can assist in evaluating your existing pension arrangements, assessing any future levels of contributions required and conducting regular reviews to ensure your retirement planning remains on track.

We can offer a full financial review, not just of your pension products, but of your complete financial situation. Because your retirement wont just rely on your pensions, but each of your assets will have a part to play. Once we have a complete picture, we can make a recommendation that is personalized for you and takes your needs and goals into account.


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